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My name is Lily Hofmann and I work as a pediatric nurse.

I have always been keen on literature and poetry and loved inventing stories of all kinds, also at times meant for children. When my kids were still little, I wrote a series of tales for them, which I often narrated out loud for their enjoyment. My purpose behind it was to be able to through these tales to share the values of friendship, honest effort, learning to appreciate others and situations beyond mere appearances and always helping those in need.

I composed songs dedicated to each one of them. Later, the arrival of my grandchildren reminded me of those tales and I decided to publish them as a series of tales tailored for children with my own illustrations as well as accompanied by an audiobook, with the great help of my eldest son, Jonathan David, musician and singer, who brought life to the stories and their songs on the audiobook.

My honest wish, from the bottom of my heart, is that you like the final result and that your children too are able to enjoy it as much as mine did!

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